The Zambrana Family

Monday, June 30, 2014

Mom Date With Zoie

Ammon was at Scout Camp with a Friend, Matt and Aaron were at youth conference, and Amalie was at Sunsplash with a friend so I decided that Zoie and I would go on a date.  I told her that we could do anything she wanted and gave her several suggestions...bowling, mini golf, shopping, dinner, dessert, etc.  Needless to say, when she suggested we go to the temple for a picnic, it made me a proud mother.  When everyone else was gone, we packed a picnic basket and set off.  She was so excited and beamed the whole way, asking questions and telling me how special she was feeling.  When we got there, she wanted to pick the perfect spot on the grass to lay out our blanket and set out dinner.  I of course wanted to remember the moment and brought out my iPad (the only camera I had) to take a few pictures...after just two pictures, she asked me to put my iPad away because she did not want any electronics ruining our date, that this was an electronics free night.  We talked and laughed and several times she mentioned how good the temple made her feel, that it was peaceful and that she just felt like smiling.  When we finished eating, we went for a walk around the temple and she peeked in the windows of the front doors of the temple and splashed in the fountain a bit.  She asked more questions as we walked and was just so excited to be there.  We took our time, smelling flowers and trees, and then headed back to our blanket to clean up.  On our way home, we sang patriotic and primary songs (at her insistence) and then stopped for frozen yogurt before heading home. At the conclusion of our date, Zoie asked if we could do the same thing on her birthday but with the whole family.  To be honest, I can't think of a better way to spend a birthday and if she wants to go to the temple, I will definitely encourage it.  I love my Zoie and am so proud of her.  She truly is the peacemaker in our home and is so sensitive to the spirit. She has a desire to do good and to help others and I hope and pray that she keeps that desire for the rest of her life, because true happiness comes from serving and helping those around you.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Jelly Belly Factory in March of 2012

Grandma Cindy and Yasmin came up for a visit and we went to The Jelly Belly Factory. I think the last time I took the kids there was when Zoie was a baby, so they didn't remember a whole lot. They were all very well behaved and we had a great time.

They enjoyed looking at the art gallery and seeing all the cool Jelly Belly art. Ammon, being the comedian that he is, just had to pick Ronald Regan's nose, and the kids definitely couldn't pass up the chance to get their picture taken with The Famous Harry Potter.

Visiting Grandma Cindy On Easter break

On Easter Break We got to stop in at Grandma Cindy's house and had a great visit with Yasmin and Grandma. Grandma fed us a yummy taco dinner and the kids explored both the inside and outside of Grandma's house. The Girls Loved Grandma's baby chicks. If you look closely you can see Grandma's Guinea Fowl in the background.

Below Zoie is sporting a pair of one of Yasmin's cat-eye glasses and Amalie is holding up a cool apron that Grandma has, and she is hoping she can make one just like it. I took a picture of it so we could remember what it looked like, but I think we could make one cuter if we make it from the front of an old pair of overalls rather than the back, but then again, you wouldn't have the cute back pockets...maybe we'll make one of both.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Visiting Cousins For Easter Break 2012

Over Easter Break I took the kids to the Fresno Area to visit Grandma and Grandpa Z and a few of their cousins and aunts and uncles. Krista had planned a few fun activities for the kids to do at her house because Kayla had surgery on Monday and they couldn't really be out and about for long. It was Kayla's birthday and she was such a trooper. We could tell she was in pain, but she didn't complain at all.

The first activity they did was with colored vinegar, baking soda, and medicine droppers. Krista used a cupcake tin and added drops of food coloring to the vinegar and the kids dropped the colored drops onto a tray filled with baking soda. The kids had a great time making colorful pictures...It was easy, fun, and cheap...definitely something we'll do again. On the bottom picture, you can see that someone got carried away and dripped on Amalie's back, and Amalie must have been deep in artistic mode because she didn't even know it was there.

The next activity they did was marshmallow madness. They got to design and build with marshmallows and toothpicks. The kids made cars, houses, planes, boats, animals and all manner of cool designs, buildings, and vehicles. I think they liked eating the marshmallows most of all. Krista even got some of those fruity (nasty tasting) marshmallows to add a bit of color.

Looking Forward

Recently a friend told me that her blog was deleted because of inactivity. I thought I'd better do something, or my blog might meet the same fate...and that would not be good!

My good Friend Melinda is a great example of someone who keeps up with her blog. She posts every couple of days. She posts pictures and writes a bit about each one, and since it is all fresh in her mind because it just happened, she can journal a bit more (and better). I need to follow her lead, because I've been getting too caught up in making it all cutesie, and since cutesie takes a bit more time, I've been doing nothing.

Melinda brought the kids during Spring Break so I thought I'd post a couple pictures I took of the kiddos while they were here. I wish I had taken some pictures of the older boys, but, there is always a next time...right? In this picture Zoie, Eden, and Tucker were sitting together watching a movie..."Puss in Boots" I think, because that was Zoie's obsession of the week.